Sunday, April 3, 2016

Olive Neutrals

If you were to check out my Instagram, you would notice a trend of simplicity and neutral colors for my outfits. Sometimes it is hard for me to go out of the box when it comes to colors. I love beautiful patterns and bright colors, but they are not what I am always attracted to. 

Before florals and pastels are in full effect, I am trying to enjoy the last bit of olive neutrals. There are plenty of ways I have seen this color work for the summer, and it looks great with tanned skin. Maybe I will find a great olive summer staple! 

What I love about this Polo Ralph Lauren top is that it is linen and slightly light weight. I paired this look with boots the same color as the shirt to give a more uniformed look. 

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Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter Dresses

Happy Easter! I hope that you may have a wonderful day with family and friends, but also take time to reflect on the true meaning of this day. When looking for pretty Easter dresses I went straight to Norstrom. It is a store that I know will have anything type of clothing that I need! If you are still trying to find the perfect dress, I have found six perfect dresses for the occasion. 

Have a great weekend!

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Grey Basics

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I was on spring break this past week, and I really wanted to focus on taking time to relax and take care of things that I can't while at school. It felt good to be home even though the week went by fast.

As the warmer weather is rolling in, I am trying my best to get the last bit of wearing out of this grey turtleneck. Even though this outfit is very simple, I decided to trade wearing boots for black heels. Wearing heels out for a day is a bit out of my comfort zone. I tower over everyone with a 6'4 height (6'0 without) and sometimes feel as though I can't walk But, I LOVE HEELS! 

I have worn this sweater so much! When it comes to basic clothing, I am all in. 

I am in love with this bag! I popped into Lord & Taylor back in January not really planning on purchasing anything but this beauty caught my eye. Guess what?! I think I paid close to $50 dollars for it! It was a steal for sure! The leather is amazing and soft plus it can hold a good amount items.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sring Transition Outfit

Sometimes I think that the weather likes to play games, and not the kind I like to play. There have been days that have been warm and comfortable and then  days that turn out to be deceivingly cold. The day I shot this #ootd, it was the later of the two. At first I had intentions of wearing a midi skirt in order to show how to create a spring transition outfit, but one step out the door and I knew that I was making the wrong decision. I quickly went inside to put jeans and a vest on. Even though it was cold, I still felt that I could get away with wearing flats. 

I have to say, I think this outfit is the perfect spring transition look! It will keep you warm but allow for spring transitional pieces such as flats. I guess I will have to save the skirt for another day... or another month. 

Sweater // Vest (Similar) // Jeans // Flats (Similar) I have been eyeing THESE

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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Secret Accessory // Warby Parker

Glasses are an accessory that I often do not flaunt or wear out in public. I like to consider them my secret accessory. They are always a surprise for those who didn't know that I wear them. Warby Parker is a company that has many different styles and options that will work for anyone. This spring they are launched many new frames with a variety of gorgeous colors. What is great about this company is that all frames start at $95 and they offer Home Try-On as well as having various locations around the U.S. What especially caught my attention is that when a frame is purchased they will donate to someone in need.

Since there are so many styles I think it is safe to say that you will always look stylish with a fun pair of glasses to add an unexpected twist to your outfit.

Laurel // Haskell // Dorset // Finch // Burroughs // Preston // Kensett

*In collaboration with Warby Parker

Friday, February 19, 2016


Pinterest has been my favorite tool to use for inspiration. I do not use it only for fashion, but for food, feel-good inspirational quotes and much more. I love using this tool to give me new ideas on how to wear pieces that are in my closet. Lets be honest, all the fashion pictures are gorgeous and something to aspire too #wardrobegoals. I picked some of my favorite outfits that I have pinned to give you some inspiration whether you need it or not. We all need an extra push once in a while right?

I love those boots! They pull this look together and adds more character.

Sweater dresses are cool and casual. They are super versatile and can be worn with practically any type of shoe.

The all denim look is my favorite. I think it is effortless and sexy... but only if done right.

I love that this woman added the burgundy coat as the statement piece. I think this look is so sophisticated.

Gigi has great street style. I often think my look can be similar to hers. This look is simple and perfect for an everyday outfit.

Black and white. The combination that never gets old.

Of course another denim look! This has the perfect touch of girly and edgy. 

If you want to see more fabulous outfit looks for inspiration there are plenty more on my Pinterest page (Jada Nicola). Which one of these outfits is your favorite?

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Blue and White

Happy Sunday! I wore this knit sweater a few post back and talked about how turtlenecks are a necessity for the colder weather and a great investment piece. They can also create put together and comfortable looks. Let me just say that when I was shooting this look, I was freezing!!! It was 8 degrees and getting colder by the minute, not to mention the wind was whipping. 

 I love the way this denim vest looks over the knit turtleneck, it adds dimension and edginess to the look. You always hear "Don't wear white after labor day" but fashion is all about breaking the rules! White jeans are a classic item that are crisp and easy to pair with any outfit.

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