Sunday, February 15, 2015

Love at First... Swatch

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day! I know I did by spending time with friends and family. Today I want to introduce you to a makeup company that has been all the rage lately, Colour Pop. I decided to order a couple products to see if they are actually worth all the hype. 

This L.A. based company is fun and youthful (not saying older women won't enjoy their products) there are a variety of colors to create any look you desire ranging from vibrant warm and cool tone colors to softer more wearable everyday tones. Colour Pop not only sells eyeshadows, but they have lip products called "Lippie Stix" (How Cute?!) and they recently released blushes. What really sold me is how affordable these products are. Guess the price? The Eyeshadows and Lippie Stix are 5 DOLLARS and the Blushes are 8 DOLLARS! Enough said. 

In order from top left to right

1.  Envy// A black shadow with purple glitter perfect for a smokey eye.
2. Kimono// A cobalt blue with specs of silver glitter. 
3. Sugar// A light baby blue with hints of gold glitter. 
4. Get Lucky// The perfect gold eyeshadow. 
5. Bubbly// Beautiful baby pink perfect for spring and summer. 
6. I Heart This// A neutral taupe color perfect for everyday. 

In order from top to bottom

1. Envy
2. Kimono
3. Sugar
4. Get Lucky
5. Bubbly
6. I Heart This

Aren't these colors great? The formula for these shadows are like no other. They are smooth, creamy, and extremely pigmented. They are so pigmented that the darker shades may leave a bit of a stain on your skin. They almost feel like a really soft sponge so when applying, to get the best color pay off you should use your fingers or a synthetic flat brush. 

If you have tried some products by Colour Pop, I would love to hear what you thought of them. If not I highly recommend this company. 

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