Sunday, November 29, 2015

Statement Outerwear

In the fall and now almost winter, I like to keep my outfits simple. My usual winter uniform is a sweater, scarf, jeans, and boots. I obviously don't wear the same thing, but it is usually the same concept. Before it gets too cold and the winter thick jackets have to be brought out, making a statement with your jacket is the best way to add an interesting twist to a normal everyday look. 

I have had this jacket for a long time before I actually began to enjoy wearing it. I would consider this a hidden treasure in my closet... my favorite! I paired this jacket with a neutral sweater and scarf,  skinny jeans, a black crossbody, and these beautiful boots!

I love how this outfit looks. It looks put together without having to put much thinking into it. This is perfect for a day in NYC (or any city near you), or a casual dinner with friends! 

Here are my picks on great outerwear!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cream & Demin

If you have read my Fall vest post then you would have seen this vest already. In todays post, I wanted to share with you another way you can wear this long vest. The last time I wore it over a thin sweater and with a scarf because it was not as cold then as it is now.  This suede vest is very versatile and a great investment. I highly recommend it, especially if you live in colder climates.

I paired this vest with a classic J. Crew turtleneck sweater and jean jacketPaige denim, and 
over the knee boots. I think this look is simple but will do its job to keep you warm.

Sunday, November 15, 2015


If I am wearing a basic outfit, I like to add either a statement sweater or scarf to make the outfit different or just to add some texture. Stripes are a great way to add color to an outfit or to make it more interesting. This outfit I am wearing incorporates dark colors, so I wanted to break it up by wearing a white striped sweater. 

When picking out an outfit, I always ask myself what my statement piece of the day is going to be. Statement pieces makes each outfit unique! A statement piece could be anything from an amazing  Royal blue Ricky bag by Ralph Lauren or a colorful blanket scarf. Unfortunately you cannot see the collard shirt that I am wearing underneath this sweater but it is so cool! It is striped and has an ombre affect. It goes from a neutral color at the top and fades down to a navy blue! Add a statement piece and have fun with your outfits!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Military Shirt

Incorporating military pieces into your wardrobe can add a polished and "borrowed from the boys" look that I love. There are so many ways to make a military jacket or shirt look feminine and really stand out as a unique piece. I always gravitate to military inspired pieces, maybe it is the structure of the clothing, the color, or twill like material that makes me love it. 

For the outfit I am wearing, I paired this military inspired shirt by POLO Ralph Lauren with ripped white jeans, ankle boots, and a loose cotton scarf. If you think an military piece looks to masculine, there are many ways to add a feminine touch to create the perfect balance, for me it is always a scarf.  What I love most about this shirt is that it does not look like a regular button down shirt.